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Why should I purchase from eVerbatim?


While you could purchase your next laptop or piece of hardware anywhere, you won't get the same service and support that you would here from anywhere else.  Customer's who purchase a computer system from us not only get a quality product, but also a custom configured one.  Laptops arrive fully configured and ready for reporting; just add your CAT Software files and go.  If you have ANY questions you can just pickup the phone (or shoot us an email or trouble ticket) and we will address them promptly.  To make this process faster we can even take control of your system from our offices and fix the problem (or addres your question) in literally HALF the time it would to walk you through it on the phone.  When you buy any other product from us, the service is the same.  Not only do we sell it to you, but we also help you through the setup and use process.  Many of our products even come with setup manuals, which are in addition to (and easier to follow) than the ones from the manufacturer.  The bottom line is that when you buy from eVerbatim you can be sure we'll stick with you from the sale to installation and beyond.