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Telephone & Mail Payment Methods

eVerbatim accepts these methods of payment for orders:

  • Checks (Personal, Business & Cashiers)
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)
  • Leases
  • Purchase Orders (Government Only)


Personal checks require a period of 5 to 7 days to clear in order to release your order while business checks require 3 to 5 days and cashiers checks require 1 day.  Your order will not be shipped or processed until we have verified the funds have cleared.  If for any reason a check does not clear and is returned you will also be responsible for any fees our banks charge us for returned checks, typically $30.

Lease orders are accepted immediately once approval has been received from your leasing company.  Generally there is a certain amount of paperwork and/or down payment associated with your lease, and once those criteria have been met your leasing agent will give us an "OK" to begin the order.  A list of recommended leasing companies and agents can be found below.

Purchase Orders are accepted for any Government agency that we have been setup to do business with.  Once the proper paperwork has been submitted your order will be processed immediately.

Online (Internet) Payment Methods

Currently our online store only accept credit cards as payment for hardware, software or services.  If you wish to place an order using any other method of payment, please contact the appropriate eVerbatim Sales Agent from the list below.

Recommended Leasing Companies & Agents

For larger purchases ($1,000.00 and above) we accept lease orders.  Individual lease terms (rate, length, etc.) are determined between the customer and the leasing company and are not divulged to eVerbatim employees nor do we have any control over them.  Below are listed the most recommended companies we do business with, in no particular order.

  • Bryn Mawr Equipment Leasing | Jim Zelinskie | (866) 408-4330 x1
  • Navitas Lease | Eric Mandella | (877) 628-4827 x104
  • Marlin Leasing | Anna Nash | (800) 426-3194 x3232
  • Source Capital (Canadian Clients) | Jennifer Okkerse | (604) 629-5564


Each leasing company has different criteria a prospective client must reach to qualify, and some require a minimum purchase amount, so please feel free to call any or all agents to find the best offer for you.

Dedicated Sales Agents

To make it easier to both manage our sales area and to more easily reach prospective clients for demonstrations and training, our sales territory is broken into different regions.  All sales are ultimately processed through our Annapolis, MD headquarters, but depending upon where you live you may have a more local representative.  Our sales agents are listed below by the states they represent.  If you do not see your state on the list and wish to purchase the Eclipse Software, please contact Advantage Software directly at (800) 800-1759.  If you need to purchase hardware (laptops, microphones, etc.) and you do not see your state listed, please visit our online store OR give our main office a call and someone will be happy to assist you.

  • States of MD, DE, D.C., VA, WV, NC, SC | eVerbaitm Main Office | (800) 377-1525
  • States of NY, NJ and Eastern PA | Michael Starkman | (215) 504-8797
  • Western PA | Lisa Bauer | (412) 759-2557
  • Western Canada | Kathryn Vail | (250) 486-3222