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Peace of Mind Program

Worried About Losing Data?
Is Your Computer Doing Strange Things?
Or Making Funny Noises?
Sit Back, Relax, And Let Us Help!Peace of Mind Program

Peace of mind is attained not by ignoring problems, but by solving them.
- Raymond Hull


eVerbatim has been working with reporting professionals—Reporters, CART Providers, Captioners, and Scopists—for over 25 years, and during that time we have witnessed, time and time again, the overwhelming importance of three things: backup, redundancy, and preventative maintenance. We refer to these as the holy trinity of high-tech tranquility: If your data is backed up, you have redundant equipment to use in the event of a failure, and your gear is well maintained, you will glide through your professional life with ease. If you don’t, well, not so much.

eVerbatim currently offers an Automated Backup Solution for our clients, the Personal Backup with USB Hard Drive. For each client, we load a licensed copy of backup software, create rescue files on a USB drive, and create a complete drive image on a USB 1TB external drive. Then our technicians will work with you to devise a backup strategy that protects your data based upon your work processes and needs. The different strategies will reflect what you want to back up, and how. You can view these backup solutions in our Laptop Accessories section.

Redundancy is also critical, but is less easily accomplished. In simple terms, you should have a working backup of every single piece of equipment you rely upon to provide your services. This means a backup steno writer (or mask, if you’re a voice reporter), a backup connection cable, a backup laptop, and a backup microphone for room audio. There may be other items, such as adapters, or pocket routers, or a modem, that you deploy in your work. If so, each and every one should have an emergency counterpart in your kit bag. eVerbatim sells virtually every item you might need, but unless you have plenty of room in your budget it takes time to build up a full complement.

The third member of this triad is Preventative Maintenance. It is essential to have a good, professional- or business-grade computer, but it doesn’t stop there. It is as important to update your hardware, install the latest Windows and CAT software updates, scan for malware and viruses, check the integrity of your hard drive, and to perform security and registry scans. Most people believe that a hardware failure—a dead motherboard or failed hard drive—is the biggest risk, but we see as many problems caused by malware and viruses. In the end, if your computer goes down, it doesn’t matter what brought it to its knees, only that it’s no use to you in that state. Preventative Maintenance doesn’t make your computer bullet proof, but it does substantially reduce the chance of failure.

kbstethoscopeOur Peace of Mind Program is designed to allow you to do what you do best, which is report, and allow us to help you take care of your computer. What distinguishes eVerbatim from the Geek Squads™ of the world is our extensive court reporting experience. We’ve been working with reporters for over 25 years and understand what you do and what your computers must do as well. And make no mistake: Your needs are specialized and a bit unique, which is why you feel like you’re speaking a foreign language when you deal with the nerd herd at your local electronics super store. Whether you ship your computer to us or let us log in remotely, when you sign up for our Peace of Mind Program you are entitled to a number of annual benefits, including:

  • Annual Hands-on (or remote) Computer Check-up, Which Includes:
    • Full Security & Registry Scans and Sweeps of All Drives
    • Installing All Windows & System Updates (Windows and system-related)
    • Installing Latest Stable Version of Your CAT Software (if desired)
    • Review Power-Management Settings
    • Optimize Audio Settings, (if needed)
    • Install and/or Upgrade Drivers for Existing or Missing Hardware
    • Install Latest Security Software Version and Configure for Reporting
    • Repair and Optimize Critical Windows Components
    • Optimize Network and Internet Connections
    • Free Return Shipping (if shipped in for service)
  • 25 Percent Discount on All Parts & Labor Related to Computer Repairs
  • Note: We cannot provide ALL the same services remotely as we can when we have the computer on-site, but we can do most of them.

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