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Laptop Touch Pad Configuration


When you order a laptop from eVerbatim it comes preconfigured in MANY ways to make it more responsive and better tuned for court reporting.  One of the configuration changes we make to each system is to turn off the "tapping" feature of the touch pad.  This means that you cannot "tap" the touch pad to mimick a mouse click or double click.  The touch pad has a set of buttons below it (or sometimes embedded into the bottom of the touch pad itself) that you can use for tapping, however the real reason we do this is because we have always found that leaving the "tapping" feature on does more harm than good.  The "tap to click" feature can be activated by simply "brushing" your wrist against the touch pad too hard, which can cause you to open things you didn't want to open, drag items around the screen or even click buttons you didn't mean to click. 

To enable the "tapping" or "tap to click" feature on your laptop just follow the instructions below, which are the same for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 based ThinkPad laptops.

  • Start --> Control Panel
  • Click MOUSE icon
  • In the new window click the ULTRANAV tab
  • In the TOUCHPAD section click SETTINGS
  • In the new window click the TAPPING category on the left
  • When the window at the right changes check the box that says TAPPING
  • Click OK and then OK again to close those windows
  • Changes are effective immediately