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Depot Warranty


The term "Depot Warranty" is generally used on this site when talking about laptop warranties and is the "standard" warranty that comes with almost all laptops, unless otherwise noted.  A depot warranty means that in order for repair services to be rendered you must send your computer into a repair facility. 

How your laptop is shipped will depend on the manufacturer of the laptop.  For Lenovo Thinkpads, a depot warranty means that the following process will occur:

  • You call Lenovo and describe your problem
  • Lenovo ships you (overnight) an empty box to return the laptop - at THEIR cost
  • You call UPS and schedule a pickup of the laptop
  • The laptop arrives at the repair facility (in Atlanta or Tennessee) and repairs are completed
  • Lenovo ships you (overnight) the repaired system - again, at THEIR cost
  • Total turn around time is typically between 3 and 5 days

The return process can vary with every manufacturer, however since we primarily deal in Lenovo ThinkPad systems, we won't go into detail how other companies handle it.