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On-Site Warranty


The term "On-Site Warranty" is generally used on this site when talking about laptop warranties and is an upgraded version of the standard "depot" warranty.  An on-site warranty means that instead of sending your computer into a repair facility for repair, a technician will come out to your home or office to complete repairs at your location. 

For Lenovo Thinkpads, an on-site warranty means that the following process will occur:

  • You call Lenovo and describe your problem
  • Lenovo contacts a certified technician in your area and instructs them to schedule an appointment with you
  • The appointment is scheduled and any necessary parts to complete the repair are ordered and sent to the technician - overnight
  • Your technician arrives and completes the repairs

The only difference between the depot warranty and the on-site warranty are that you don't send your computer in for repair, someone comes out to you.  This is highly beneficial if you only have a single computer (no backups) or you simply are too busy to wait 3 to 5 days for the depot repair process to be completed.