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The term "realtime" is used interchangeably to relate to both the output from your steno machine to your computer AND from your computer to a client (IE a judge or attorney). 

Realtime from your writer to computer (also called realtime to yourself or realtime to your computer) means that you have connected (via USB, Bluetooth or Serial Connections) your writer to your computer and you are using your CAT Software to translate your raw stenographic notes to english using a dictionary loaded on your CAT Software WHILE you are writing.

Realtime to a client means that you are transmitting the translated steno from your computer (via USB, Bluetooth or Serial Connections) to a client, such as an attorney or judge, for them to view WHILE you are writing.  The connected client would be viewing your realtime using a "Realtime Viewing Software" such as Bridge, CaseView, LiveNote, etc.