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Savant USB Foot Pedal Setup


  • Plug in the Foot Pedal and allow windows to install the drivers by itself
  • Insert the CD that came with the Foot Pedal.
    • Click “Start” then “Run” and enter this path in the next step
    • K:\PC\SAVANT INSTALL\XP Drivers\xkeyswxp.exe
    • Replace the letter K with your CD drive letter
  • If you do not have the CD, download the drivers from our site and run the following file
    • PC\SAVANT INSTALL\XP Drivers\xkeyswxp.exe
  • Install the program and reboot your computer
  • Open Eclipse to any document
  • Place the foot pedal on your desk and enable the “Programming Mode” by slightly spreading open the top and bottom of the unit (front side) until you can see the internal slide switch, located centered on the front of the foot pedal. 
  • Using a pencil slide the switch to the right.  The green light on the pedal will begin to flash after a few seconds.
  • Tap the button on the pedal you want to program once
  • Now enter the keyboard command you want to use for that button. 
  • Once you are done tap that same button on the pedal to complete the programming
  • Repeat for each of the other 2 buttons. 
  • Typical Programs are below
    • Left Button – Alt H  (Stop)
    • Middle Button – Alt J  (Play)
    • Right Button – Alt K   (Pause)
  • You should HOLD DOWN the ALT key then, while still holding ALT, tap the letter for the button you are programming, and then release.  Do this SLOWLY or it may not program.
  • Once you are done programming simply repeat step 9 sliding the switch to the left this time.  The light will stop blinking and return to a solid green.
  • Open a file in Eclipse that has an audio file attached and test the foot pedal
  • If you need to reprogram simply repeat the steps above.  Sometimes it is necessary reboot your computer in order to reprogram the pedal.