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Can I buy a laptop and send it in for configuration?


Yes!  If for some reason you don't like any of the laptops we have, or you just want to purchase one on your own, you can send that laptop into us for customization.  We'll put your laptop through the same testing and configuration process that we do our own systems to ensure we make the best of the system you sent us.  All you pay is our normal labor rate plus return shipping charges!  For those customers in a real time crunch, we can also configure your system over the internet in a few remote support sessions.  You would avoid shipping costs and delays, and the only prerequisite is that your system must be connected to a good quality high-speed internet connection.

In addition to new laptops, you can also send us your old laptops for refurbishment.  This is a service that MANY of our customers select when they purchase a new computer, with the idea being that if your current laptop is still working, we can reload the system and clean it up so that you can have a reasonably reliable backup in the off chance that your new one gives you any problems.  Again, all you pay is our normal labor rate plus return shipping charges, and if you order this service with your new computer purchase you'll even get a discount!