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What is a custom configured laptop?


Here at eVerbatim we understand that not everyone has the time and/or ability to setup a new laptop for reporting.  That's why we've simplified that process by offering fully configured systems at a price that isn't much more than you would pay for one that was not custom configured.  We don't just pull a system off a shelf and ship it out; any laptop purchased from us goes through a rigorous 8-page checklist in which we test and re-test the system to ensure that it works perfectly.  We also configure things like power management settings and audio options to ensure the laptop not only works, but works for a REPORTER!  When your laptop arrives at your door you can be sure that it has been delivered fully tested, optimized and configured for court reporting; just plug in your writer and go!

We take great pride in making the technology aspect of court reporting as easy as possible for our clients, which includes fantastic pre-sale and post-sale customer support.  If you purchase a computer from us and have ANY questions, we're here to help no matter how new or old the system is.  And, if it's not something we handle we will get you in touch with who you should contact.  If something should ever go wrong with the laptop while it's under warranty we'll even step in and help you through the warranty process - free of charge!